EuclideonViatech is proud distributor of Euclideon's Geoverse Massive Data Manager.

Built on Euclideon’s revolutionary Unlimited Detail technology, the Geoverse products provide instantaneous data visualization access to 3D point cloud data, at full resolution, no matter the size or density.

Massive Data Manager

Data compression and internet streaming are additional benefits of this ground breaking technology. The Geoverse products include the Massive Data Manager (MDM) for viewing, the Converter for data conversion, Solidscan, UnlimitedOrtho and the software development kit (SDK) for integrating all capabilities into existing software applications.

Unique features offered

• Immediate access to all LiDAR or 3D point data, no matter the size or density

• Full resolution data visibility at all times – no data thinning or point decimation

• Load times are less than one second, no matter how large the dataset - no waiting for data to load into RAM

• Load times and speed of performance are not related to the size or density of the data

• Points are stored in a compressed format (lossless or lossy compression available)

• No dependency on high end computer hardware

• Secure Internet streaming of true 3D point cloud data

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