ViaLDSFast and easy documentation of heights after operations.

ViaLDS is developed in cooperation with the Norwegian Road Authorities, who have tested the system with great results.


ViaLDS measuring height under a bridge

ViaLDS (Laser Distance System) is a product by ViaTech used to measure heights in tunnels, under bridges, and similar. Lasers are used to achieve great precision, even under demanding conditions such as newly laid tarmac.

Continuous measurement of height gives a better basis for maintenance planning. Fast and easy documentation of heights after operations. The result is used to optimize road marking. The operator controls when measurements are made. Measurements are continuous, so the operator does not need to leave the vehicle, increasing safety.

ViaLDS is developed in cooperation with the Norwegian Road Authorities, who have tested the system with great results. Testing have been thorough, different surfaces such as shotcrete, stone and concrete elements.


The system is easily mounted on vehicles using a frame, as shown on the picture above. The frame is mounted so that it can be removed and refitted easily. By using two lasers, one pointing upwards and one downwards, the system can be mounted in any height without needing calibration. A GPS, mounted along the lasers, ensures that the system communicates correctly with the road network system. Everything is connected to a computer by either an Ethernet cable or a USB cable.


User interface during measurement

One of the main focuses during software development was that the system should be easy to operate, not requiring any special skills. Thus, the user interface is made in the same spirit as the other ViaTech software. Only necessary information is shown, and numbers are large and visible. Before the measurement is started, information such as location name and minimal height allowed, is set. For tunnels, tunnel name is often used.

During measurement, current road network information is shown, along with some key information and a diagram showing height data. All raw data is stored continuously on the hard drive during measurement.

Analysis and reports

ViaLDS Desktop application

A desktop application is used to analyse the measurement data and generate reports. The picture shows two measurements in a tunnel. Measurement repeatability is very good, and the diagrams are easily zoomed and manipulated.

The report function makes in possible to create a text file of the measurements, which can then be opened in Microsoft Excel or shown in the desktop application.

The measurements can also be printed to create a report, showing when and where a measurement is made, the maximum and minimum values, as well as any areas which are above or below the thresholds.

Technical specifications

DimensionsHeight: 300 mm, Length: 200 mm, Width 600 mm (11.8, 7.9, 23.6 in)
Weight5 kg (11 lbs)
Temperature range0°C - 40°C
Voltage12 V
Communication with PCEthernet
Minimum range1.4 m
Maximum range20 m
Frequency2 kHz