ViaPhoto 360

Visually documenting the condition in 360 degrees.


Do you want to see the roadside similar to Google StreetView, but the pictures from Google are either too old, too low resolution, too far apart, or the Google car has not been there at all?

ViaTech offers ViaPhoto 360, a state-of-the-art imaging system that offers:

  • High resolution, 30 Megapixel per image.
  • The customer decides when the images are taken.
  • The customer decides where the images are taken.

The ViaPhoto 360 system consists of the following parts:

  • A high resolution 360° camera
  • A GNSS (GPS) giving the position of the images.
  • A windows PC used for image collection and image presentation.

Mounting the camera

The spherical camera used for ViaPhoto 360 can be mounted together with the ViaTech's ViaPPS system. The camera can also be mounted temporarily on top of a car.

ViaPhoto 360 can be extended by using the following:

  • An accurate GNSS and an intertial platform can pinpoint the exact positions of the images.
  • Odometer measuring the movement of the vehicle (optional). This improves the position when the GNSS satellite coverage is poor.
  • Combining the ViaPhoto360 with a LiDAR system will enable the user to measure object with millimeter resolution.

Viewing images

The images from the camera system can be viewed by a multitude of viewers. ViaTech offer an easy to use web based solution. The ViaPhoto 360 viewer has the following features:

  • Enable the user to see in all directions.
  • Showing the images in a map.
  • Navigation by moving to next or previous picture.
  • Navigation by selection position in map.
  • The viewer is hosted by the customer.
  • There are no limitations on the number of simultaneous users.

3rd party viewers

There are a multitude of viewers that can show the standard image files taken by ViaPhoto 360. The additional features that can be offered include:

  • Using data from GNSS and inertial platform to perform measurements in image.
  • Combining images and LiDAR measurements, enabling accurate measurements in image.
  • Combining images, measurements and object database in order to have an inventory system.

Technical specifications

Image resolution30 megapixels
Image frequency10 images / second
Focal distance2 m - ∞
Camera interfaceUSB 3.0
Camera power12-24V 13 W
Operating temperature0°C - 45°C
Operating humidity20% - 80%
Storage temperature-30°C - 60°C
Storage humidity20% - 95%