Via3DMapperA versatile mobile mapping system.

Built on ViaTech's mature scanning and mapping technologies the Via3DMapper is a complete mobile mapping solution. It integrates well with Asset Management and Inventory Survey.

Key Features

Scanner configuration
  • Latest Product in Scanning and Mapping Technology from ViaTech
  • Light and Compact design
  • Flexible frame – can be installed / removed from a vehicle easily
  • Easy Transport – Entire assembly can be carried in a transport case
  • Design Flexibility – Easy system upgrade, addition of high resolution camera’s, higher GNSS system, multiple LiDAR’s etc
  • Data compatibility – Export into .las/.laz format and other 3D point cloud compatible format
  • Enhanced remote support capabilities
  • Export to Orbit GT
  • Suitable for corridor and utility mapping

Default System Configuration

  • LiDAR sensors – Velodyne VLP 16 – 2Nos. Visit Datasheet.
  • Trimble Applanix POS LV 125. Visit Datasheet.
  • Ladybug 5+ FLIR. Visit Datapage.
  • Distance Measuring Instrument (Odometer)
  • Mounting Kit
  • ViaPPS Software Suite
  • Data collection computer (laptop) and other accessories

Terrain model

Orbit Integration