RUNAR Runway TesterFriction measurement for runways

RUNAR is used for measuring the friction levels on aprons, taxiways and runways.


RUNAR is a one-wheeled friction measuring device pulled by a vehicle. It is designated a CFME (Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment). Its main task is to measure the friction of the airport surfaces, in both winter and summer conditions. The friction between the measuring wheel and the surface is continuously measured, while a unique measuring technology, developed and patented by ViaTech, ensures that the data is stable and reliable, even under volatile conditions. This reduces the need for calibration significantly. Both fixed and variable slip are supported.

The RUNAR device has a long history, and care has been taken to keep the old well-proven RUNAR device specifications. The device has been modernized to current advanced measurement technology, and represents a cutting edge solution for airport friction measurement. The measurement technology used in this device, even if cutting-edge, is well-proven as well, and will give a very good overview and sample of the measured areas. The unit has very few moving parts — which makes RUNAR almost maintenance free.

Through rigorous testing, it has been proved that RUNAR has superior characteristics compared with other friction testers on the market. RUNAR gives repeatable measurements for various conditions and retains its calibration over time.

RUNAR is delivered as trailer solution, or as a vehicle mounted device as shown below. Multi-track measurement with multi-head installations is possible as well. All parts are easily servicable, and care has been taken to ensure a very stable and long lasting unit.

ViaTech has done maintenence and upgrades for the original RoAR and RUNAR since 2005. In 2015 a new evolution of RoAR and RUNAR was introduced by ViaTech. This is designated: mark 6. This new version has been very well received in the market.